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APH 60/85


Weights & Dimensions

Machine weight basic unit 464 kg

A Base plate length 470 mm

B Machine length 930 mm

C with handle 1840 mm

D Machine heigth 905 mm

E Handle height (work) 1000 mm

F Handle height (transport) 1500 mm

G Machine width 700/850 mm


Engine Hatz Supra 1D81S

Fuel Diesel

Engine Output 13.4 HP / 10 kW

at RPM 3000 rpm

Fuel consumption 2.5 l/h

Compaction Forces

Max. Vibration frequency 69 Hz

Max. Centrifugal force 60 kN

Working surface basic unit 1428 m²/h

Max Surface Pressure 18.24 N/cm²


Operating Speed 28 m/min

Tank capacity 7 l

Gradeability 36%

Max. incline to all sides 30°


Extension Plates 75 mm / 150 mm

Operation hour meter x

Electric starter x

Emergency stop x

ACE econ x

ACE force –

Working lights –

The standard hand guide for APH plates is isolated to minimise hand-arm vibration. Levels lower than 2.5 m/s² (excluding APH 100-20) enable operators to work longer shifts with the best comfort. The vibration levels are so low that safety codes do not require documentation of operator hours.

Ammann Orbitrol steering controls the adjustment of the centrifugal weights, allowing a smooth and easy change of direction while ensuring great accuracy on the jobsite. Machine speed and direction can be adjusted by a simple turn of the steering control lever. The machine also can hover and provide on-the-spot compaction for the more challenging areas. This system also helps improve productivity in corners and other tight spots.

A fully hydrostatic drive system eliminates the need for a V belt and a centrifugal clutch – and the maintenance that go with them. A hydraulic motor drives the eccentric shafts.

APH Hydrostatic Vibratory Plates can be equipped with the industry-proven Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE), an automated compaction measurement and control system. The ACE system on the vibratory plates utilises the same technology that has been used on Ammann’s heavy compaction machines for years. It provides operators with an accurate indication of soil stiffness and whether desired compaction has been achieved.



Vikt: 464 kg

Max. vibration frekvens: 69 Hz

Max. centrifugalkraft: 60 kN

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