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AFT 400-3

Deutz 54 kW Stage IIIA (T3) and Stage IV (T4f) engines available for all models

Conventional control (-2) or advanced PLC system

Vibrating or tamping / vibrating screeds

Electric- or gas-heating screeds

Capacity of 350 tonnes per hour

Minimum paving width of 0.7 metres

Maximum paving width of 4.7 metres

Proportional sensors for auger speed control

Constant feedback on all paving parameters from PaveManager 2.0 (on -3 models)

Weight & Dimensions

Weight 10 300 kg

A – Length (Machine) 6400 mm

B – Length (Transport) 6145 mm

C – Length (Tracks) 2900 mm

D – Length (Material hopper) 2125 mm

E – Height (Machine) 3900 mm

F – Height (Transport) 3100 mm

G – Height (w.o. Canopy) 2845 mm

H – Height (material loading) 430 mm

I – Width (Machine, open hoppers) 3400 mm

J – Width (Transport) 2550 mm

K- Width (Track gauge) 1990 mm

L – Max. approach angle 13°

Capacity & Performance

Placement thickness (max) 200

Theoretical paving capacity 350 t/h

Paving speed 25 m/min

Transport speed 15 km/h

Material Feeding System

Hopper dumping height center (w. hopper flap) 500 mm

Hopper width, internal 3050 mm

Conveyor type Dual bar feeder

Conveyor width 700 mm

Conveyor control Aut. / Proportional paddles

Auger diameter 320 mm

Auger control Aut. / Ultrasonic sensors

Auger height adjustment 200 mm

Operator Station

Operator console Pavemanager 2.0

Dashboard Pavemanager 2.0

Platform Slidable platform


Engine model Deutz, 2,9L TD 4 Cylinder

Rated power KW @ 2200 rpm Tier 3 or Tier 4

Emissions 54kW @ 2.200 rpm

Electrical system 24 V

Fuel tank capacity 73 l


Crawler length 2900 mm

Crawler width 260 mm

Final drive Hydrostatic direct drives comprised of planetary gear units and hydraulic motors

Screed Heating System Screed Type Standard working width Max. with mechanical extensions

SV 3500 G Gas (LPG) Vibration screed 1750–3500 mm 4700 mm

SV 3500 E Electric Vibration screed 1750–3500 mm 4700 mm

STV 3500 G Gas (LPG) Tamper & vibration screed 1750–3500 mm 4700 mm

STV 3500 E Electric Tamper & vibration screed 1750–3500 mm 4700 mm

Material Conveyor

An efficient conveyor system ensures material flows consistently from the hopper, so productivity and quality goals can be achieved.

Tunnel shaped to optimise flow and limit segregation

Reversible twin conveyor system for smooth material flow

Individual front tensioner

Proportional speed control with paddle sensor system

Wide tunnel

Standard and high-capacity options with twice the number of conveyor bars for improved material flow

Auger System

Consistent auger distribution of material across the screed is essential to placing a quality mat with minimal segregation.

Proportional speed control by sonic sensors

Reversible and independently driven left and right augers

Hydraulic height adjustment of 250 mm, even while paving

Torque to handle diameters from 380–500 mm

Improved central drive system with slim gearbox (15 cm)

Small outer bearings that minimise segregation – even with throughput of 1100 tonnes per hour

Auger and auger tunnel easily extended to fit wider working widths

The Hopper

The hopper is designed to reduce spilling during connections between the paver and the lorries. It is also designed to maximise flow and minimise segregation. The result: improved quality in the form of smoother mats. An optional hydraulical front flap reduces spilling and improves the emptying process, ultimately resulting in less manual work.

Low dumping height

Separately controlled wings with solid rubber flaps

Rounded corners to prevent cold material from sticking

SAFE Impact system

Ammann Premium Tracked Pavers offer the Safe Impact System – a hydraulic anti-shock push roller that avoids surface marks caused by truck docking. The system also extends docking length, providing flexibility to work with varied truck models.

Truck Assist (optional)

This system improves the communication between the paver and the truck driver. It also minimises bumps and spills that can negatively impact paving quality.

Allows easy and safe truck positioning

Simplifies the communication between the paver operator and the truck driver

Communicates via LED bars to provide an alternative to the use of a signal horn

Set Assist (optional)

This intelligent system saves the position of the auger and the screed before relocating the paver.

A single push of a button on the operator panel lifts the hydraulic front flap, auger and screed – and reverses the conveyor slightly

When the paver arrives at the next location, a single push of a button returns the system to its original position

This user-friendly system can be programmed to predetermined settings

PaveManager 2.0

The automated paving system constantly monitors the process and provides feedback to operators. It also controls many key functions for precise results.

Features a CAN-based control system

Automates functions such as paving parameters, memory, and crown and slope settings

Provides constant feedback to operator

Offers adjustments from the operator dashboard or through the screed remote control

Screed remotes recognise all MOBA leveling equipment and can be used on either side of the paver

Both dashboard and remote controls offer color displays and intuitive menus and functions

Display symbols and images are easy to understand

Operator platform

A comfortable work environment is also a safe and productive work environment, too. The City Paver operator platform optimises visibility and ensures all key controls are easily accessible. The operating

system is nearly identical to those of other Ammann pavers, making it easy and safe for operators to switch between models.

Clear sight lines to all components

Slidable and tiltable working stations

Optional windshield


Deutz 54 kW engines are the power behind the Ammann AFT 400-2, AFW 400-2, AFT 400-3 and AFW 400-3 Asphalt Pavers. Highly advanced e-hydraulic controls provide efficiency. The engines are available to meet Tier 3 or Tier 4 standards.

Insulated engine compartment for sound levels below 104 dB

Hydraulically driven cooling system

10 hours of fuel tank autonomy

Stage IIIA / T3 Engine

Powerful and quiet

Improved fuel efficiency and cold-start performance

New cylinder block with deep crankcase for higher power and torque

Stage IIIB / T4f Engine

Superior lifetime value with higher fuel efficiency

Reduced maintenance and longer service intervals

Improved common-rail technology for enhanced performance

No regeneration process is needed

Track System

Tracks with high pulling forces help Ammann City Pavers overcome the varied terrain that often is encountered in cities. The pavers provide manoeuvrability, too.

Paving speed up to 25 metres per minute

Travel speed up to 4 km per hour

2.09 metre axle track

260 mm track pads

The V3500 Screeds

Gas or electric heating

Vibrating or tamper / vibration systems

Basic width of 1.75 metres

Hydraulically extendible to 3.5 metres with mechanical extensions to 4.7 metres

Paving width of 0.7–4.7 metres with options

Options include extensions, cutoff shoes, hydraulic crowning adjustment and heated side end gates

Gas or electric heating

Fast heating time

Improved insulation

Precise temperature control

Powerful generator

Perfect heat distribution

Heating coils for side shield and tamper

Highest paving quality

Dual-tube extension provides best-in-class stability, even at max. paving widths

Slim end gates enable paving close to curbs and walls

Easy adjustment of the angle of attack by Flexi Lever

Extension boxes utilise patented quick-coupling system that reduces setup time

Rubber mounted foot steps eliminate wear and reduces noise

Low profile walk plates enable great view into auger compartment

Side shields utilise integrated wiring

Eccentric Flexilever

Quickly and conveniently changes the angle of attack

Offers visual confirmation of the angle of attack

Adjustment made easy with one crank on each screed side

Simple side shield control

Height and angle adjusted with a single crank

Can be adjusted from behind the screed, keeping operators away from traffic

Integrated wiring


Operating weight: 10500 kg

Standard paving width: 1.75–3.50 m

Max. paving width with extension: 4.70 m

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